Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hello everyone! (September 11, 2017)

Ok! Mom and fam-- I haven't got any packages yet, but I probably will on Thursday. If we don't go to the Mission Headquarters we don't get mail, but Thursday we have a big meeting, so I will probably be able to get it then. I will let you know next week.

ALSO. 2 things. We had lots of birthdays recently! Grandpa Campbell, Jaden (Today! Tell him I love him and give him a big squeeze and arm wrestle him for me). Also ALLIE on the 13th, right??? Woohoo! And Ryan on the... 17th? Right?

 ALSO my birthday was great! L's family bought me a cake, and my trainer, Elder L did, too! Elder A gave me a cool Australian tie, I was spoiled.


Ok! My week.

We met with L and his family twice, on Tuesday and Friday! They are awesome, as ever, and had kept their commitment to read the BOM intro. But they said they didn't read any more than that. We read 1st Nephi 1 together, explained a bit of it, and they seemed to like it. We invited them to read chapters 2 and 3 before Friday, which they accepted. But when we got back, they hadn't read it. We were a little bummed, cause we know if they would put in the time, they would just SOAR. So we quickly read chapter 2 together, and then moved on with the lesson we had planned: The Sabbath day. We taught it, and they seemed to understand. But they were super hesitant when we invited them to church-- they said in Korea many churches are corrupted, and they didn't want to go. We testified of the power of the Sacrament, and they seemed like they would come. But only one of them ended up coming-- the cousin, named J! We love love love J, he has such a special pure heart. He is 25 and super fun. He fit in well, and had a great experience. We meet them again tomorrow, and we will talk about agency and our power to act-- if we want to really grow and improve we have to change.

Also! Our investigator who was going to get baptized a couple weeks ago is back! He is a great guy and is the man who will marry someone in our branch. We realized he wasn't ready for baptism, so we pushed that back, but we are just strengthening his testimony of the restoration. He came to church on Sunday with his son and was just shining! I fasted that somehow we could get him back, and he came back. I am so grateful for the power of fasting.
That's about all the news for the week. We have been pretty crazy busy here lately, finding lots of cool investigators, including a dad and his son who we play tennis with sometimes! They took us out for dinner and we naturally got into a gospel conversation. We plan to meet again Wednesday.

I had a cool experience during personal study this week.

Those who are familiar with the Book of Mormon will remember the longest chapter-- Jacob 5, the parable of the Olive Tree. Well it is really long and can be confusing, but I studied it this week, and it was amazing to me. I have been reading the Book of Mormon a lot, and have prayed to have my testimony strengthened of it as I have read- -God has more than answered my prayers. As I read, I don't know how to explain it, but it is just like I can feel discernibly that the book is true. It wasn't a one-time powerful experience, but a gradual feeling of the truth of the book. I love the book!

So, the parable: Basically a gardener has an old olive tree that is dying. He prunes and fertilizes the tree in an effort to save it, to no avail, so he has an idea-- take the wild olive trees and graft their young branches into the old tame tree, counting on the power of the roots of the tame tree to produce the desired sweet fruit. He also grafts the old olive tree's young shoots into wild trees elsewhere in his garden. 

While at first the trees produce good fruit, eventually they produce undesired fruit-- the gardener and his helper had done all they could to take care of the sensitive trees, but the more easily flourishing wild branches and roots took over the delicate branches which produced the fruit he wanted.

In the end, the gardner's idea is to slowly cut off and burn the wild branches from the main tree, grafting back into the tree the branches he had grafted into the wild trees in the other part of his garden. He would also graft some of the mother trees branches to the outer wild trees once more.

Well, it works, and somehow all of the trees produce the desired fruit. This parable is originally to prophecy and remark on the scattering and gathering of the people of Israel, figuratively, and literally, but I saw it in a different light this time. 

The part I liked was the last part-- about the regrafting. The Lord of the Vineyard, the gardener, has worked with these trees for so long, and yet they do not produce the fruit He needs, the fruit he knows they are capable of producing. It breaks his heart to see them not reach their potential, and he, several times, weeps over them.
There is much to learn when we view the parable as God as the gardener, and us, as the tree.

1st-- when the tree becomes corrupted, the gardener mourns, "Who is it that has corrupted my vineyard?" (vs 47) and "What could I have done more for my vineyard?" (vs 49). The servant suggests "Is it not the loftiness of thy vineyard—have not the branches thereof overcome the roots which are good?" The branches of the tree did not realize their roots nor their nourisher, and grew up for themselves, symbolic of pride. How often do we forget that it is God that has provided everything for us, that any success we have is due to God either providing it or allowing it, and that He too, could change it all in one word? Gratitude for what we have is an antidote to pride.

2nd-- One looking at this parable might wonder- -why? Why keep changing the branches? What will that do? After all, when grafting or pruning trees, they can go through tremendous stress-- grafts can often fail, the leaves of the tree yellow, it can began to wilt.
Yet the gardener explains why he is grafting back into the tree whose lofty and bitter branches had overcome its pure roots: "And this I do that, perhaps, the roots thereof may take strength because of their goodness; and because of the change of the branches, that the good may overcome the evil." (vs 59)

I think there is a lot for us to learn here: God gives us change and trials because it brings us back to our roots, to remember who we are, who it is who feeds us and nourishes us and takes care of us. It points us back to him when we overgrow and become arrogant, prideful, or overly concerned with the world.

One last principle is learned as the gardener instructs his servant on how to take care of the grafts as he raises them:
And as they begin to grow ye shall clear away the branches which bring forth bitter fruit, according to the strength of the good and the size thereof; and ye shall not clear away the bad thereof all at once, lest the roots thereof should be too strong for the graft, and the graft thereof shall perish, and I lose the trees of my vineyard."

God is patient with us as we grow, inviting us to repent and improve at that pace which is possible to us, not overwhelming us. He is loving in all His corrections.


Monday, September 4, 2017

Miracles and Heartbreak (September 3, 2017)

The man on a right is a missionary who served in Elder A's ward in Australia. He moved from Seoul into mission boundaries, and took us to dinner one day. Super great guy, he gave us awesome advice and might teach with us soon! 

Start with heartbreaking-- one of our investigators who was going to be baptized on Sunday (yesterday) had some different private challenges and difficulties come up, and he asked us not to text him anymore, so we can't even meet him anymore. Super sad. We love him and fasted for him and his family.

The good and awesome news, which happened the day we were supposed to have a baptismal interview for the other man:

We met L_ and family! We had met them twice last week. The first time, we shared "Because of Him" and taught a little about the plan of salvation. We hadn't taught all the principles yet, L_ and his family are a bit new to religion so we kept it really simple, plus the atmosphere was a little... rowdy? So we didn't feel comfortable trying to talk about things that were too deep.

The second time, we were doing weekly planning the day before, and Elder A_ wanted to share the video "The Hope of God's Light", a video Andy shared with our family a few years ago, about the man who got into drugs and alcohol, was suicidal, then decided to fast. Nothing came of it except that he wasn't suicidal anymore, but then a month later his friend (who he hadn't seen in years) called him and asked to meet. When they met, they caught up on life, then his friend said, "Yesterday I had the strangest impression. It was from God, and it was that I need to contact you, and to tell you that He loves you, and He needs you on His side" The man was overcome with emotion, and then after years of work and struggling and repenting he brought his life into harmony with the Gospel.

Well we decided to show the video to L_ and his family. They were audibly stunned as they viewed it, and after we watched it they just told us how amazing it was-- they said that this story was so remarkably similar to their own lives, and that is why they were shocked and touched I doubt they were mixed up in the same things as Todd, the guy in the video, but they opened up to us a little about their lives. One day they had all decided they need to make changes, spend their time better, and improve their lives. They wanted to study English better. They also wanted to start exercising together, so they left their apartment and started walking to a nearby school. At that time, they happened to meet us almost immediately. They said they will never forget when we first said hello to them. 
The next day after we had first met, we met again, and just had fun, practicing English. They found their motivation to study English hard in meeting us, and we also introduced a little about God to them. Then the rest followed as I told you.

In Korea, churches have poor reputations of just being... business. So many people become preachers and start their own churches, other people are just very forceful and aggressive in the way they try to share the Gospel. L_ and his family told us they would have never listened to Christians or churches if it hadn't been us, but now they love to learn more. We taught the 3rd missionary lesson, "The Gospel of Jesus Christ" to them, about faith, leading to repentance, which prepares us for baptism, and the gift of the Holy Ghost, a very precious gift that helps us to endure to the end.

They love and recognize the Spirit each time we come. It is amazingly strong when we meet them. In Korean, "Holy Ghost" is 성신, or sungshin. To put it in their words, as T_ H_, nicknamed "Joey", said as we left, "I want to feel the sungshin!"

I have learned so much while meeting with this family! They are all willing to be baptized it seems. But they are moving to Seoul soon-- so they might have to be baptized there. Going forward, we need to teach the commandments, which may be really difficult-- it can be so different and new and difficult for those who haven't known the commandments to start living them. Please pray that they will accept them and that their hearts will be prepared.

Time for me to go! Love you all! Have a great week!! Talk to you next time!

Elder B

Miracles Continued! (August 27, 2017)

Ok! So I told you about the family we met last week, right? The group of students who walked past us and then we met them the next day? Well we met them on Friday!

Back up-- Friday was a little hard. I was kind of having a rough day mentally and things, just feeling a little down. Satan was attacking with whatever he could. On Friday we met with a man named Dave who was a new investigator! He is a really nice guy but pretty strong in Buddhism. We read 3 Nephi 11 with him, and he thought it was good.We are meeting again on wednesday.

That night we were studying outside a CU again, the same one we had met the students at. We did our language study for the day, then headed to the students' house that was right nearby. We went inside. They were so fun and loving and hilarious! We were talking and laughing, they were telling us some tips for Korean. They also love learning and practicing English with us. One of the most loving groups of people I have ever met, in the way they treated us, and each other. But... for some reason I felt so much stress. I didn't know why, but I felt really uncomfortable and anxious. I knew we were there to do missionary work, even though we love them and want to hang out with them I knew that if we didn't share the Gospel with them, we wouldn't be fulfilling our missionary purpose, which was the reason I came to Korea in the first place. Last time they thought the Easter video we shared was cool, but they weren't like dying to learn more. So I was a bit worried how we would get around to a spiritual message without feeling like they were being forced to listen to our message in order to be our friends. I struggle sometimes a bit with anxiousness anyway, I always have, but I also wanted to make sure we use our time wisely as missionaries. I went to the bathroom, and just knelt down and said a quiet personal prayer. It went something like, "Heavenly Father, we are so grateful to be here with L_ and his family. We love them, and want them to have the Gospel in their lives. But we aren't sure how to share it with them. Please lead us and guide us."

I went back out and sat down with everyone, feeling a little better. We continued talking and laughing. We ate dinner, some good fried chicken together. Suddenly a great thought slammed into me while we were eating. I had a cool idea! In Korean, I said to them,"Hey, so as missionaries we meet with lots of people and teach them Gospel discussions. You guys are good at English, and good at explaining things... Do you think it would be ok if we practiced one of our lessons with you and you could give us some advice on how to improve?" They immediately all agreed and were excited to help. "Yeah! Of course! Great idea."

So we finished eating, and then sat in a circle on the ground to teach. They all watched us attentively. We pulled out Restoration pamphlets, and explained that when we start and end lessons we do it in prayer. They said that was alright. Then we taught them how to pray. Elder A said the opening prayer. The Spirit was very distinct, and strong, as the prayer ended. I think it was their first time praying, and after we said "amen" they looked at each other, with a surprised look on their faces, searching for a word to describe the feeling that had entered the room. I offered '경건하다' which means reverent and they agreed. Calm, reverent. They recognized it!

Well, we taught the first lesson: the Restoration. God is our Father, he loves us. He wanted us to learn and grow. We are all part of his family, and he gave us families to bless us on this earth. To strengthen and help families God gave us the Gospel through his Prophets, who teach and preach through God's authority, the priesthood. God has always sent prophets, from Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and so forth. Jesus Christ was the Son of God, and also a prophet. He taught the Gospel, and died for us that we might live again. After he died, He continued to lead His church through his chosen disciples. However, they too were eventually killed. God's authority was lost from the earth. Like He had in other times, God restored his Gospel through another prophet, called, as other prophets had been, when he was only a boy: Joseph Smith. But God knew that we might be doubtful, that we had no way to verify if Joseph Smith had been God's prophet. He prepared a book, The Book of Mormon as that evidence. We can pray about the Book of Mormon, and God will tell us the truthfulness of it through the Holy Ghost.

We taught pretty simply. They had discussed with us and asked questions as we taught, listening really well. We asked L_, the head of the group, to say the closing prayer. He said a heartfelt and beautiful prayer,expressing gratitude to have met with us, etc, and prayed for us. Then he closed.

Stronger than when we had started, again the Spirit was in the room very distinctly and discernibly. After he finished praying, L_ looked up and said, in broken English, " I knew scientifically that God did not exist. But now, I know religiously, spiritually, that God exactly exists." His English was a little strange, but he was saying that he had looked at God from a scientific perspective and couldn't believe. But he knew, from the lesson we had had, that God was real.

The interesting thing about the meeting was that, even though we didn't ask them to describe their feelings, they are a very intelligent group, and love to discuss things together, so they quickly told us exactly how they were feeling. L_ said something similar to that his mind had been enlightened, and he understood things in a new way that he hadn't before. And that he knew "exactly" that God exists. We explained what the Holy Ghost is. Elder A told them they could receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, to have that blessing and feeling more frequently. He asked if they wanted that. One of them said, "그럼요!" 'Of course!' We told them about baptism, and they almost accepted a baptismal date-- but they are moving to Seoul next month, before the day we invited them! But we told them we wanted to meet them more frequently, and asked if we could teach them our other discussions. Again, "그럼요!" 'Of course.'

It was one of the most spiritual lessons I have had on my mission. They were so good and their hearts were open! I was wondering-- why was it so spiritual? And I think I found the answer. They did not believe in God. But they were living good lives, full of love. Like I have already mentioned, they were so kind and good to each other. I think their Christlike behavior helped prepare their hearts, and the spirit quickly filled the room to testify that there was something more to life then what we can see here. I am so grateful to have been a part of such a special experience.

We have to go now! Sorry, we are updating our foreigner ID cards today cause I have been in Korea for almost a year. Crazy, huh? Anyway, I Love you all! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINDY!! woohooo!


Elder Beckett

Week of Miracles! (August 20, 2017)

Ok Y'all!

We saw the Lord really bless us as we planned specifically this week. President Jeong has counseled us to plan where to contact people on the street, where to study, and try to be specific as we do so, as well as plan how many people we will talk to during each segment of our day. Well we have been trying to do that! However, sometimes when we get behind schedule, we have to change plans for times sake.
Well one day this week we had planned to do companion and language study in front of a CU (the Korean name for Convenience Stores), but we had to send a bill to the mission headquarters, so we were running late. We thought about changing where we study, but we felt like, if possible, we should stick to plans. So we went as planned.

While studying in front of the CU, a group of YSA's walked passed. They were actually family, a 26 year old man, his girfriend, and his brother and cousin, both 25 years old. We said hello. They were very kind to us. They loved to speak English and wanted to be our friends. We told them we were missionaries, but they said right away they didn't believe in God. But they wanted to learn English and things, so we decided to have dinner the next day. I noticed how good and kind they were, to us and each other-- such positive and good people.

The next day we met for dinner. We were able to have a great fun time, but we didn't know how to share a spiritual message, as they just saw us as friends. Well, we were talking about obedience and the missionary life style-- they had asked about watching a movie together, and we explained that we didn't play video games or watch movies as missionaries. Well this actually turned into a really great opportunity to share the Gospel. The whole time we were together, we had mentioned lots about missions, the Book of Mormon, etc, but at this point in the conversation I just said, "I know that sounds too strict, but this message we are sharing is the most important thing in the whole world! And so we do those things so we can focus and share the message. Actually, that card I gave you yesterday had a little video about our message on it. May we share it with you?" And then we shared the Prince of Peace Video on  After that, they kind of looked around 
on their computer, and found my profile, and watch Alex Boye's "I'm a Mormon". They asked what Mormon was, and we taught them about the Book of Mormon and gave them a copy!

We planned to have a fun dinner again this Friday, and we are so excited to meet them! Their friendship is wonderful, they are such good good people-- you can just feel it as you are with them. I am so excited to teach this family all together, little by little. It was such a blessing we received from 1) studying outside as our mission president counseled, and 2) being diligent in following specific plans, as our mission president counseled. I know our Priesthood Leaders, though imperfect beings, do work for our Perfect God who will accomplish His purposes.

And also. The other miracle! We have met so so so many people from all over the world.

On Tuesday my companion Elder A suggested going to a place called 태종대 (Taejongdae), a popular tourist attraction on our little Youngdo island. But NOT going for sight seeing-- Tuesday was Korea's independence day, and there were TONS of people there. Well, we did talk to lots of people, but the best missionary opportunity came as we walked back. We try to at least say hi to everyone while we walk the streets, and as we were walking we saw a big shirtless African man, leaving an apartment. We shouted hello to him, and he stopped, so we walked across a dirt lot in front of his apartment to say hello. Turns out he is from Nigeria, and he lives here with his pregnant wife. He is a very kind man, and strong, physically and spiritually. Well, we told him we could help him if he ever needed help with Korean or anything. And he is Anglican Christian, but he said we could discuss the Gospel anytime. I wasn't sure if he was going to Bible-bash or what, but we made an appointment for Sunday. 

So yesterday we met! and it was the opposite of a Bible bash-- he was so sincere, kind, and good, asking well thought out honest questions, not trying to be skeptical or prove wrong, just seek honest truth. It was a very good lesson, and ended with an invitation to read the Book of Mormon and pray honestly. He accepted, and it was awesome!

I learned so much from him-- I don't think he intended to change religions by meeting us, but he told us he always allows missionaries to come to his home-- we are the first Mormons he has met, but Jehovah's witnesses,, etc have gone before. He takes what he can learn from everyone, and tries to improve his conversion. I am so grateful to meet and teach him!

Love you all! I have to go, but I will probably email a couple more emails right before my p-day ends, when you are all asleep. Love you!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

August 14, 2017

Hi all!

Here's my letter to President, it tells about my week:


Thanks for your loving email! I will share some ways that the Lord has touched my mission.

This week Elder A and I were eating dinner in a Subway. This woman and her 2 sons sat next to us. The 2 sons had attended English class before. Elder A and I were eating dinner and doing language study, and I was able to practice a lot of 단어 and 문법 with her sons.  They were so cute, and I think we built a good relationship with them.

Then we were street proselyting, and we saw this family with two other little kids playing with toys. We said hello to them and ended up talking for about 30 minutes, and playing with their children. They were very kind. The man was Korean, but his wife was from China. They seemed humble and teachable, and we received their contact. I know that as we try to talk to families, we can teach families!

Also, we found a new investigator this week from a lady who originally said she was Buddhist and had no interest, but is very good at English. Her mother and father have both passed away, and we testified of eternal families. She lives alone, and we kept calling her to say hello, and she is willing to meet to talk about the Gospel again. We found her through door knocking our apartment complex. Many people there have seen us before and are willing to talk a little bit, even if they don't let us in.

Our district is doing well! Sister __, the trainee, is very smart and good at Korean. Our district is a wonderful district, and I am grateful to work with them.


Elder Beckett

Sorry no pictures, I don't have a camera cord anymore... Have a great week!

Friday, August 11, 2017

When Life Doesn't Go According to Plan (August 6, 2017)

 Wow. Starting this transfer, my 9th transfer in the field (what?) I have now been out on my mission as long as Allie had been when I arrived in Korea. Allie has now been home for 6 months. Her 동기(Dong-gi), or the group of people she came to Korea with, are now going home-- tomorrow. I loved that group of people! Elder R, Elder P, Elder L, and Elder S, and many more. One of the ones I was closest to in Allie's 동기 was Elder L, from Hurricane Utah. He gave me a call last night to say goodbye, before he gave home. Elder L was an amazing role model for me on my mission-- he was stellar and excellent in every way-- Christlike attributes, Spirituality, physical and athletic ability-- I really looked up for Elder L, and I am going to miss him.

Before he hung up, I just asked him the quick question, "Is there anything you have learned recently or tried that you wish you would have done more during your mission?"

Elder L replied," You know,  I guess the biggest thing I would say is just to not sweat the small stuff. As missionaries we can get really down and be really hard on ourselves-- my Korean isn't good enough, I can't find investigators, or the members are hard to work with. But these moments pass. We are serving God, who is in charge of everything. He has all power. We just need to keep our heads up and keep going."

That advice is pretty simple, but really profound. And I want to share a couple of my thoughts on it.

This morning in personal study I was reading in 2nd Nephi 2, one of Lehi's great teachings about the Plan of Salvation. Recently I decided to strengthen my testimony of the Book of Mormon, so I started from the beginning, and started often to have my testimony of it reconfirmed. It has been, but not while on my knees-- it came as a gradual increase of feeling, while I was reading. I could feel the light and goodness of the book, and it was the gentle feelings that the Spirit gave me to testify of its truthfulness to me. I hope you all continue to strengthen your own testimonies of the Book of Mormon.

Anyway, as Lehi teaches about the Fall of Adam and Eve, he lists how many things could have gone wrong, but then sums things up, saying, "24 But behold, all things have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things."

Beautiful Youngdo
There are times in this life where our careers, our family, our goals, schooling, or any other number of things do not end up in the perfect way we planned them. Sometimes, we didn't have much of a plan anyway, but our circumstances turned out worse than we had expected. Whatever the situation, we can be left feeling discouraged, frustrated, sad, angry, even resentful, at others, ourselves, or even God. It is at times like these that we must take a step back in perspective. Perhaps God has a greater plan for greater results than we had imagined! But, to be a part of that plan, we must forego some wanted or desired blessings for now. Yet, "all things have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things". All of them. 

In Proverbs we are counseled to "trust in the Lord with all [our] heart; and lean not unto [our] own understanding.  In all [our] ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct [our] paths."

King Benjamin encourages us to "believe in God; believe that he is, and that he created all things, both in heaven and in earth; believe that he has all wisdom, and all power, both in heaven and in earth; believe that man doth not comprehend all the things which the Lord can comprehend."

I know that God's plan is perfect. It can be really hard for us, cause we can't always see where we are in that plan-- we can't see the way it will become resolves, perhaps because much of the plan will be accomplished not in this life but in the next, in the world of spirits. But I know that God does have a wonderful, perfect plan, for the greatest happiness of the greatest number of his children. He isn't foolish. He knows what he is doing. In God's own words, we are counseled, 

"Be still and know that I am God."

I know as we put unwavering faith in God, we will be comforted in our trials, find peace in affliction, and someday, as Paul taught in Corinthians, receive blessings that "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man." 

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Beckett


Transfer calls came! Me and Elder A are both staying in Youngdo! Wahoo! And I will be our district leader this transfer.

Pictures! So you know the sister who sent you a picture of me eating dog a couple weeks ago? Her and her mom were converts years ago, and she served a mission, and attends BYU Hawaii. Well her dad is one of our investigators-- we teach him free English. He is the one who bought us Boshintang, or Dog soup. This week he took us to get Dwayji Kuk Bap, which is a pork soup. But he ordered something a little different-- one with blood sausage, different organs, and skins in it. Attached are delicious pictures.

Here we are with Sister C, who is the fiance of a different investigator. She is an amazing lady! We help clean her little snack shop sometimes.

Elder L is going home. Great missionaries!

Hey, Anyone Awake? (July 31, 2017)

Funny story...

So here in Youngdo, our house is about 15 minutes away from the church. We ride a bus (it can get pricey when you have to make a few trips a day). But i don't know if you looked at what this place looks like on google maps, but there is a bunch of stores and things everywhere. The store right next to the church usually has a few old people in it, and the owner is a nice but kind of crazy lady who is maybe 65 or so. Well we usually say hi to her when we walk past.

One day we locked up the church and were on our way to home when we saw, right outside the church, a cat that had just been hit by a car. It was dead and it was kind of gory, with guts and things... I could go into detail but I know some people won't appreciate that. Well it was kind of sad, and I was like wondering if we should try to take care of it or something, but it isn't like Utah, where you could just throw it in a field... there are no fields. just buildings. So I figured I would ask a Korean-- so I asked that lady who owned the restaurant next door what she thought we should do. She was like, "nah, don't worry about it!" And then I said something like, should we just throw it away?" and she looks around, grabs a little grocery back, and hands it to me, and gestures to the cat... I was thinking about like grabbing a shovel or something. Mind you, it was sunday so we were wearing suit jackets and all. Anyway, I wasn't sure exactly what she expected me to do, with her speaking in grandma Korean and things, so I hesitated. You never know what diseases or whatever are on this roadkill! She laughed, and then grabbed the bag from me, walks over to the cat grabs it from inside the bag so it doesn't touch her hand, and then flips the bag inside out around the smooshed cat like it was just some little piece of garbage or something, no hesitation. she then looks up at me, pauses... grins... and quickly gestures like she is going to hit me with the bag of dead cat! But she just faked it, saw me jump a bit, cackled, and then tied the bag and threw it on the side of the road. "They'll pick it up later" she said, and then she was gone. We were slightly confused and a little horrified, and glanced back at the bag with the cat in it as we walked away. Sure enough, when we came back the next morning, the cat was gone! Guess she knew what she was talking about...!

Week of Miracles!!


At the beginning of this transfer, we met with our Branch President. We wanted to have some kind of special event, (if you look in the Ensign a few months ago it talks about a branch that did a 'spiritual feast' and invited tons of less actives and investigators) to help boost missionary work in the branch! So we decided that at the end of July, July 30th, we would have a special sacrament meeting. We would have a special speaker and musical number and things, with a big meal afterward. We were excited! As missionaries, we planned to visit lots of members with the goal of inviting them to do missionary work, and make sure that they themselves are there for the special sacrament meeting.

Well the date kept coming closer and closer, and we were trying to think of people who could come to speak... our branch president hadn't come up with anyone yet. I said as a joke to Elder A, "let's have our mission president!" But then Elder A really liked the idea and started pushing for it. So we called our district leader, and they asked all the way up to President. He called us, told us that he might be able to make it, unless there is a baptism that day in a different area, then he will go there. He told us he would let us know for sure 1 week in advance. We told the branch president.

Well one week before, he told us he would definitely be able to come. We were excited! so we told our branch president that our mission president and wife would be able to come fore sure, but then branch president said he had thought our mission president COULDN'T COME so he had asked a stake leader to come. He asked us to call back our mission president and cancel. We were a bit bummed. So we called President Jung, and apologetically explained to him that we didn't need him after all. THEN the next day our branch president told us that the stake leader had cancelled, and he wondered if President Jung could come after all! So we were (respectfully) like, "yeah, go ahead and ask him! Do you need his number?" cause we didn't want to call again. So it ended up that president Jung, our mission president WAS coming after all! Pause this story.

So this week, we were able to meet with G, a young 18yr old kid who came to church once! He brought his girlfriend too, they are both investigators! They are both so sweet and good. We taught them the restoration, and they understood really well! and... they both agreed to come to the special sacrament meeting! We were super excited, for both them and because we wanted to make sure we had investigators there when president comes, you know. BUT THEN on Saturday night I called G and he said that his mom said he couldn't go to church... she is Buddhist and is against church. We were heartbroken, not sure if we'd even be able to meet anymore. That is the last we have heart from them 2 days ago, but we will try to keep in contact.

Anyway, usually in Youngdo we have about 20-25 people at church. Yesterday, for the special sacrament meeting, 45 people attended! We were so excited. there were 3 families who came who I haven't seen before, our investigator Brother J K, who is a man who has a baptismal date, and another man who comes to our English class, some members brought less active friends, and a couple brought non member friends or family members! It was super good, and President Jung and his wife Sister Kim gave such amazing talks. Also we performed a song with a recent convert, he played guitar and we sang-- it was really spiritual!

So it was a miracle church meeting! But then after church, Brother J K's fiance, who is a member of our ward, was like, "go do a lesson!" cause we had tried but he had cancelled twice that week. So then President Jong, his wife, me, Elder A, and our investigator brother K J ended up in a room doing a lesson together! It was awesome. AND it ended up being so so so inspired of God that president and his wife came. Because our investigator just opened up to them and told them all about how he feels, his trials and challenges in life. He is the one who is attending another church now, he is such such such a good man and just radiates light. He just wants to do good and be good, and I am so honored to work with him! Anyway, he is still planning on being baptized! So that is great.

Also, I LOVE our new mission president and his wife! In Korea, people don't usually hug, mind you. But President Jung ALWAYS GIVES US SO MANY HUGS haha! Him and his wife, in one word, are just love. Really. They just love the missionaries and the gospel and I didn't know I could love them so much. I thought I wouldn't be able to love the new president and his wife like president and sister Barrow, but I love them BOTH SO MUCH!! Wow. He loves singing, guitar, sports, and is super good at English. But I have been able to get to know him a lot because he worked with us on the new sacrament meeting. And his wife, Sister Kim, is so cute to always give us banana bread, and just practices English with us. I love them!

Anyway, we have been finding lots of new investigators lately! I really want to stay in Youngdo again, and I probably will, but you never know! It is the last week of the transfer, so next time I email you I will let you know. LOVE YOU ALL! And God is in the planning-- there was so many obstacles of president coming to Youngdo on Sunday (if there had been a baptism in another area, or the other speaker who canceled, or the meeting he had to leave for quickly after church) but he came, and it meant so much to our investigator! I know that God helps and guides us. Also, it was so cool to see so many people come out to the special sacrament meeting! Awesome week here in Youngdo. LOVE YOU ALL!